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Dear Potential Client:

“Love Jay. He is an amazing and effective coach!!!” – Xochitl Guzman

I am considered to be a dynamic, innovative and heart-based coach who has been blessed to be able to help a great many people in four areas. One is guiding clients into developing successful life paths, including outstanding careers and businesses. Another is superior life coaching for people in serious emotional or other distress. The third is successfully working with relationship issues and couples – even with many couples who have “failed’” couples therapy. And finally, in mentoring those who simply want to expand greatly their game in the world even if already successful. (See client reviews.)

The reason I am often more successful than specialists in these various dimensions (I know this because numerous clients have enjoyed success with me after seeing specialists) is because I’ve made myself an expert in each area and understand they are all linked to the very basics of human need and direction. My core skill is showing you a healthy vision of the world and providing you the skills to master exactly the elements of it that most challenge you.

The greater gift you will see is how much working with me in any one area will positively effect every other dimension of your life. Promise!

Profound Outcomes!

Hence, my ability (with lots of references available) to guide you to genuine and profound elevation in your life in any of these areas, including in your spiritual growth. I love coaching because I’ve been able to facilitate remarkable life and situation changes for clients consistently and in an original way. I draw on years of relevant experience in the realities of the world and its many facets. Also on my 19 years working directly and successfully with a diverse range of clients, and on my ability to help you understand the human psyche and human relationships – yours and others. This amplified by extensive training in effective coaching methods and further amplified by many effective processes I have innovated.

I am also highly intuitive (many clients think I am psychic) and apply that as needed or requested.

If you just want to talk for 20-30 minutes and learn about me and how I would approach your issues, there is no charge for that orientation call or meeting. Also, after many clients told me about false starts with therapists or other coaches. I recently concluded the best way for someone to get to know me and how we will work together – is to experience me directly in a discount session for $75 for an hour or $99 for a 1.5 hour session. The vast majority of people who start with me in this way stay the course for happy outcomes.

Contact me for a free consultation or for a discount first session: or call me at 310-628-7761 I work with you in person, by Skype or Zoom, or by phone.


* You are seeking direction in your life or career or a major upgrade in your career or business.
* Your relationship is troubled or overwhelming you in some way.
* You are in crisis emotionally, dealing with trauma, or are stressed out
* You have issues with family, friends or people at your job that are playing havoc with your life.
* You are successful…and want to reach an even greater level of mastery and are seeking new dimensions in your life.
* You are among those who see your life and challenges in both practical and spiritual terms, as a gradual awakening, and want coaching in that context (many people don’t so we stay within their personal growth context).
* You are an exec or business owner who wants to grow your enterprise or non-profit and your own leadership game.

If your coaching needs don’t fit into one of these categories, email or phone me what those needs are. Some folks simply want a guide to check in with as needed in the course of a day, week or month, and to do so long term rather than book coaching sessions.


  • To be guided into a large basket of skill-sets and effective techniques matched to your specific needs and goals to create the positive outcomes, inner confidence, strength and clear direction you desire.

  • To learn from my extensive practical life experience and knowledge base and feel related to and helped with the reality of your life.

  • To feel it is easy and safe to talk openly and even share your vulnerabilities. Clients often tell me they feel like I am their best friend/ally as well as best guide.

  • To not waste time in making progress so you don’t end up spending tons of money for a long-term process.

  • To feel reborn into a level of awareness, optimism, satisfaction  and  presence you have not known before, or left behind.

  • To enjoy the process, often to your own surprise.

Contact me for a free consultation:  /  In person/Skype or Zoom/ Phone. Or call me at 310-628-7761.

*Basic rates range from $100 a session to $150 depending on the coaching packages listed on relevant pages here. *There are no cancellation fees. *There are no refunds on downloaded audios. *Payments are made to Visiongate Productions, which is doing business as Elevate Your Life Process and Elevation Coaching. *PRIVACY POLICY: All communications of any kind are strictly private and never shared with anyone else. *Purchases or payments made via this website actually occur offsite via our merchant banks which are in full PCI Level 1 security compliance. *No credit card information is made available to us by these merchant banks.   





Based on my combined coaching, business and media background, I have worked successfully with more than 30 CEOs as an executive coach, individually and in groups. (Click to find out more and read testimonials.)

I have also helped elevate several businesses as a consultant. One area of specialty is helping to turn around or grow media companies whose content has meaningful social value. (Read more.)

Contact me for a free consultation:


Elevation Audios


New Tools for You

“Jay Levin is an utterly original and gifted coach and teacher with deep presence, wisdom and heart. He has created unique trainings and a personalized coaching method that offer true life elevation. With both ferocity and deep tenderness, he’ll guide you to expand into greater levels of maturity and wisdom, and help you find your way to an even more purposeful and thriving life and career, as well as offer you the skills and tools you’ll need to manifest meaningful and loving relationships. I recommend his work highly.”

Katherine Woodward Thomas
Best-selling author of “Calling in the One” and co-creator and co-leader of the “Feminine Power” transformation courses


- “I cannot recommend Jay Levin’s coaching highly enough. He is, without a doubt, the single most valuable ally I have on the path of self-inquiry and inner excavation, specifically when it comes to unearthing deeply rooted shadows, limiting beliefs, negative behavior patterns, etc. He is a mentor, a teacher, a model and a guide. I count Jay’s seemingly infinite arsenal of tools and techniques, combined with his unparalleled patience, his kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit, attention, energy and time, and overall gentle, loving, supportive nature as a great, bright blessing in my life.”

“Jay’s talent is truly rare. He blends deep execution experience with humanity, sparkling intelligence and intuition in a way that produces clear, focused insight. If you’re a C-level executive looking to up your game and improve your life, I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

“Jay Levin’s personal coaching has given me the tools I need to make a major transformation in my life. Like many others I’m sure, I have been on a path of self-actualization for a long time now. That said, Jay has taken in the broad spectrum of alternative approaches over the years and distilled it. Building off a holistic approach and philosophy, he drills down into each of the techniques he has found most effective. Applying the techniques learned from Jay feels like playing connect the dots back to my true self.”

“Jay is fantastic! I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a breakthrough in their own life. I learned tons of valuable information from Jay and received tools and insights I previously did not have. Jay’s down to earth technique, humor and charm made this coaching and training something I looked forward to!”

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