Some years ago I started the LA Weekly, which became the largest and most successful urban weekly newspaper in America and a major transformative force in Los Angeles. As a journalism leader, I also helped popularize the human potential movement by introducing many of the foremost teachers who have influenced our culture.

In my own personal and spiritual quest, and as editor-reporter, over the years I attended scores of human development trainings, including the Spiritual Psychology Masters’ Degree Program at the University of Santa Monica.

These experiences showed me patterns in myself and others that inspired me to develop a step-by-step coaching process that, frankly, has worked amazingly well
in elevating clients and students to greater levels of achievement, while improving crucial aspects of their lives (even if they were already prominent and successful).

In the last 13 years, my “Elevate Your Life Process” has helped hundreds of people (see client reviews) break through old patterns and often painful challenges to realize their higher innate potential and goals in life, career and love.(Watch for my forthcoming book: "The Savvy Relationship: Getting It Right, Fast".)
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New Tools for You

"Jay Levin is an utterly original and gifted coach and teacher with deep presence, wisdom and heart. He has created unique trainings and a personalized coaching method that offer true life elevation. With both ferocity and deep tenderness, he’ll guide you to expand into greater levels of maturity and wisdom, and help you find your way to an even more purposeful and thriving life and career, as well as offer you the skills and tools you’ll need to manifest meaningful and loving relationships. I recommend his work highly."
Katherine Woodward Thomas
Best-selling author of "Calling in the One" and co-creator and co-leader of the "Feminine Power" transformation courses

What My Coaching and Trainings Will Provide You

  • Escape from a Distorted Way of Looking at Things
  • Tools for Reversing Unhealthy Relationships with Self, Others and Society
  • Skills to Relieve Emotional Distress
  • Clear, Elevated, Multi-dimensional Thinking
  • Next-Step Training for Personal Leadership
  • Tools to Transform Negative Situations
  • Tools to Evolve Out Of Any Life-Limiting Patterns
  •  A Healthy Vision of and Skills for the Next Stage of Your Life

Where You Will Land

  • Relating and Playing at a Higher, More Effective Level
  • Operating with New Strategies of Behavior and Action
  • Liberated from Inner Barriers to Living Your Full Potential
  • Fully prepared for Inspired Service Leadership
  • Freed from Self-Doubt, Regret and Self-Critic
  • Sourced from Your Healthiest Inner Dimension
  • Restored to Your Innate Capacities and True Soul Direction
  • Respected by and Serving Self and Others
Client Reviews
Jay Levin has the ability to understand human behaviors and patterns with a blink of an eye. His approach to how to self-empower ourselves and in our relationships is clear and very progressive. He immediately helps you focus and understand from where your unhealthy behaviors are coming and how to approach them, doing simple but constant exercises of awareness, deep love and consciousness. I wish many more people could access this type of journey. We are here to enjoy the most of ourselves and our relationships. Jay is magnificent in helping us achieve it! Thank you, Jay, and many blessings to you!
Kesia Elwin
Jay changed our paradigms and our relationship. Jay is incredibly astute, intuitive and empathetic. He does an amazing job. We cannot recommend his coaching highly enough!
Sherry and Gary Burdoff
I cannot recommend Jay Levin's coaching highly enough. He is, without a doubt, the single most valuable ally I have on the path of self inquiry and inner excavation. I count Jay's seemingly infinite arsenal of tools and techniques, combined with his unparalleled patience, compassion, generosity of spirit and loving, supportive nature, as a great, bright blessing in my life.
Dani Katz
Jay’s teachings and philosophies on life have had a strong impact on my life. He understands the immense complications of the human psyche and human history. He very simply allowed me to understand my own personal history and psychological obstacles. My relationship with myself and the people in my life has gained a clarity and simplicity that I find very valuable. I am extremely grateful to Jay.
Rene Rivera
Jay has the amazing ability to help you heal yourself, or at least he did that for me. I could not have made it through 2010 without him. He is kind, wise, has real tools to share, and is the first professional whom I have ever really felt I could speak to with candor.
Kara Wily
The  training I received from Jay Levin's personal coaching has given me the tools I need to make a major transformation in my life. Like many others I'm sure, I have been on a path of self actualization for a long time now.  That said, Jay has taken in the broad spectrum of alternative approaches over the years and distilled it. Building off a holistic approach and philosophy, he drills down into each of the techniques he has found most effective. Applying the techniques learned from Jay feels like playing connect the dots back to my true self.
Seth Freeman
Jay has a talent for bringing out the best in people. He is a generous and courageous spirit. He is now leading life mastery trainings and if you are interested in life-affirming philosophy, this will introduce you to both. I highly recommend Jay's work and have benefited from it personally and professionally.
Jodi Lieb
Love Jay. He is an amazing and effective coach!!!
Xochitl Guzman
Jay is a gifted and generous guru. He has the perfect balance of wisdom, heart and soul. A true blessing in my life.
Sonia Sanz
I have been open to many types of therapy over the past 15 years both conventional and unconventional. I have met many healers.  Jay Levin has been the most unique and the most effective. In my experience, he possessed a clear, other-worldly insight into the unconscious mechanisms that, on auto-pilot, were preventing me from growth and healing. I highly recommend his creative approach to wellness.
Ronda Call
Jay is real – and  stays out of the way of his own individual preferences when counseling or teaching. He’s a great witness to the infinite and a great teacher. Thanks, Jay, for your love and support. I lost my Father at 18 and Jay was able to channel that love of an older male mentor at a time when I really needed that reflection. Jay, glad you are here helping others transform and realize.
Vishnu Om

The Incredible Value of “Elevate Your Life One Big Step at a Time” Coaching

If you are like most of us, you normally feel either a very healthy impulse or a burning pain desire to go beyond your present reality.

You who are successful in society or business tend to want an even more significant, expansive and amazing life experience, inwardly and outwardly - and sometimes spiritually.

If you’re unhappy, you want rapid pain deletion and then you want to live up to your potential for a beautiful and meaningful life, relationship and career.

Whoever you are and wherever you might be

in your success or life path, you absolutely deserve an opportunity to experience your remaining life free of feeling stagnated, with dramatically lower emotional pain from the major pain causes (relationships, finances and low self-esteem) and with more creative self-expression and achievement.

You also deserve to experience a sense of living from your best, most loving and inspired self, with the potential even of becoming a significant player in your world.

In truth, you ABSOLUTELY deserve not to miss out and instead to gift yourself the remarkable personal advances possible once you STOP FOR A MOMENT to consider the specific improvement you want in your life - and then dare to choose that RIGHT NOW is the time to elevate that chosen element of your life, career or relationship past any roadblocks.

Stop Now for a moment and ask yourself what aspect of your inner or outer life are you restless, frustrated, anxious or in pain about? And where is your life smaller than you want it to be? And what inner or outer goal have you not reached yet?

In the very sweet Next Step Upward available to you, you can elevate beyond these challenges and simultaneously illuminate the true larger value of yourself and your life, even as you become a greater force for good in the lives of others.

As a successful person myself who has helped bring positive transformation to many individuals and couples and in community life, I created the Elevate Your Life personal coaching process to let you discover your specific next level of performance, growth or healing no matter your current situation. Once realized, you are then guided gracefully and quickly into that higher level.

You need to know something important at the outset…

Which is that for whatever reason you are seeking a coach, the Elevate Your Life process operates within a special framework that my clients have reported to be highly effective almost across the board. The framework is as noble as it is simple: You are guided to see your particular goal as a wonderful opportunity to elevate your entire life - as well as your presence in life itself – even as you achieve success on your specific purpose for seeking coaching.

In reality, you align with your grandest possibilities and greatest vistas and together we address your immediate challenge from the vantage point of that superb view.

The path to such a more alive and authentic life can actually begin with you deciding that you want to progress in a specific area of your current reality.

To arrange a free 20-minute consultation, email or call 323-380-6242

Four smart ways to use Life Elevation Coaching

The principles of Life Elevation Coaching, and the mindset and techniques it imparts (many of which are original), turn out to be superbly effective in the four main life domains for which people seek counseling or coaching. Even better, progress in any one of these domains flows inevitably into others, strengthening your - or your organization’s - capacities in surprising ways and deepening your experience of the world and of your true inner self.

A closer look:

Life Skills, Career and Direction: Your inner life consists of how you relate to your own thoughts, emotions, self-images, needs, desires, impulses, creativity and upsets, self-nurturing or self-abuse. Your outer life is determined by your abilities and people skills in the general game of the social order, career and relationships - and in your sense of belonging to and respect from your community.

Coaching in the Life Elevation context provides the mindset and basic skills to recreate your inner and outer lives to produce results that are dramatically more pleasing to you. You acquire advanced emotional and mental management skills, basic relationship and communication tools, expanded self-assurance and vision, and a profounder, infinitely more pain-free grasp on your life and true nature.

If financial success is your goal, you learn pragmatic real-world skills and measures that are foundational for success. Simultaneously, you clear your inner and outer barriers to achievement.

If you are struggling or unclear about what your next life goals or purpose might be, or uncertain about what steps to take next, you quickly are led to discover an inspiring direction or career that will be most satisfying to you - and you then learn the means to achieve it. (Read more about Private Coaching)

Relationship and Family Elevation: You learn specific skills and techniques to reverse the many difficult situations that destroy relationships encountered in dating, in coupled relationships and in most adult family interactions. You simultaneously gain an illuminating and highly effective foundational understanding of relationships - a platform for you to create and maintain a remarkable relationship experience.

I have worked with numerous couples who had no success with traditional marriage counseling and yet substantial success with my coaching. The reasons they give is (1) the specific “relating” skills and practices they learned that historically have not been available to past generations; and (2) the context of the Life Elevation process that adds an uplifting dimension and mindset to turning around a troubled relationship. (Read more about Relationship Coaching)

Conscious Leadership and Management Training: For you if you feel the need or desire to expand your influence, strategic thinking capacities, role modeling and direct leadership, relational or management skills. The advanced coaching is for women and men in positions of responsibility who are looking to reconnect with their creativity, have more fun, feel more inspired, or who feel stale or overwhelmed and want to step up and be in command of the bigger picture going well. Beginner coaching applies if you aspire to become a leader in business or in your field. (Read more about Leadership and Management Coaching) (Read more about Leadership and Management Coaching)

Business and Organization Elevation: Training for managers in the specific context of their organizations so that you are performing at peak and not reacting emotionally or creating dramas and missed opportunities. For staffs needing a performance boost, available are processes that support innovation and which arm team members with the means of optimizing opportunities, so that both current needs are met and the uncertainties of the future are engaged. (Read more about Manager and Business Coaching)

So now consider what your initial goal might be…

Is it re-inventing for the better your primary relationship in the midst of a very challenging situation? Or learning how to expand yourself for a major leadership role or promotion? Conversely, do you want to move out of the achievement race (even if you are at the pinnacle of it) into a more soulful and inspiring next adventure, perhaps with the desire that you leave the world a better place.

Do you want to expand (or save) your business, career or finances - or is it as simple as needing to perform well on a job interview? Are you desiring to enlarge your capacity for creative expression?

Some of you will crave to come out of deep emotional pain and negative thinking (from any cause) in order to gain emotional stability and wise thinking. The source of pain might even be that you are unable to access and act on your innate potential, which is one of the great hurts of life.

Whichever specific area of your life you choose as your focus, Elevate Your Life coaching teaches you to operate from strength and at a higher wisdom and performance level than you are now accustomed to.

I have worked within the Life Elevation context for the past 13 years as a Life, Leadership, Relationship and Career Coach who has made a meaningful difference in the lives, relationships and careers of hundreds of people, many of whom have provided client reviews for this site attesting to their rapid progress on their specific goals.

What happens after you make the key decision to work with me?

The job of any life coach is to help you identify and then teach you how to get past your specific barriers to reaching your goal – and to do so much faster and easier than you ever expected. Unlike traditional analytical therapy, life coaching is based on do-able action and accessible skills learning that overturn habits and beliefs holding you back.

In the Elevate Your Life> process, you therefore learn a great deal about yourself even as you discover your innate capacities for self-management and advancement. In effect, you gain the skills to be your own coach, if not therapist, and the training to manage far more competently your life direction and choices, your worldly affairs and your relationships with others.

As you learn advanced skills and anchor more fully in your core gifts and strengths, as you release any fears, reactive behaviors and perceived limitations, you find that you become a force propelling others in the same direction, if only as a role model.

Your part is simply to want to achieve your initial goal and reach that initial next level as surely as Kobe Bryant wants to win that next game! (Read More about my General Private Coaching).

To arrange a free 20-minute consultation, email or call 323-380-6242

There are 10 Key Steps in the “Elevate Your Life” Process

These apply no matter what issue you seek to address, although the order in which you might experience them is adjusted to your needs. Within each of these are smaller steps we take that are aligned with your initial goal. The major steps (some of which you may not require based on your current level of development) are as follows:

  • Identifying your specific reactive behaviors, fears, habits, coping mechanisms and false beliefs that have authority over your choices and your personality, including over whatever situation (personal growth or leadership, relationship or career) is your primary goal during coaching.
  • Teaching you highly effective methods to move past these inner obstacles and take back from them authority over your choices and your life.
  • Grounding you in an amazingly clarifying and empowering vision of your authentic unique self, your individual nature, and your gifts, strengths and particular creativity. You then learn the skills to align with that self that is seeking to emerge.
  • Providing you with a solid picture of your highest path in life – with your Life Identity calling – and the way to live it.
  • THEN, in the above context, providing you the skills and mindset necessary to achieve rapidly the goals you have set for coaching, such as financial, leadership or relationship advancement.
  • Training you in how to subdue and move past negative and reactive emotions and the critical and chattering parts of your mind and its “should haves,” so that you operate from inner peace, clarity and lovingness.
  • Dramatically reshaping and expanding your world view, so that your wisdom accelerates and you can do life creatively, free of any sense of being a victim, with a sophistication and inner power that attracts opportunities and respect.
  • Greatly elevating your relationship and positive communication skills that are so essential to enhancing any life situation. If needed, you are guided to experience rapid transformation of toxic or troubled personal or business relationships. Overall, you are trained to be far more effective and confident in all your “relating” with others.
  • Teaching you smart, beautiful and very do-able methods for self-nurturing and life balance. These bring forth your innate power and optimize your life experience, your health, your mental capacities and your soul’s quest for evolution.
  • Instilling in you a sense of role model or leadership power so that you understand that what you do and how you do it very much matters beyond yourself.

Within these big steps are those smaller ones that guide your progress

so that you never feel overwhelmed. After 25 years of studying human transformation, I have learned that dynamic growth in any area of your choosing is related to being guided to take the exactly right smaller steps, one at a time. You then discover that these steps automatically overlap with - and improve on - other areas of your life.

Once past your inner barriers and armed with new life skills, you find yourself opened automatically to exciting new realms in which you experience the nature of your life in a fresh and more wholesome way. Your training also elevates your mind’s insights, your intuition and your wisdom to unexpected heights. You consequently experience more loving interactions, more open self-expression, and easier-flowing self-actualization.

This applies to you even if you are already a high-achieving, self-confident person. (Read More about Leadership Coaching)

There are three other reasons for my success

First, I keep it simple.

Because of my experiences in the real world of journalism, business and community leadership, my coaching provides a grounded world view and clarity. Moreover, the training you receive is easily comprehensible and you can take into any human and social interactions. In this I avoid psychological terms and New Age supplications in favor of teaching you proven, game-changing tools and skills which elevate you to a stronger level within a deeper understanding of yourself and of others.

Second, I know you don’t have time to waste.

You want fast positive progress in your life, career, relationships, business or well-being, especially if you are in a leadership role now. Therefore, I have developed a unique style of coaching that gets fast results. Typically, after just one session, clients feel confident that they will be able to realize their coaching goals quickly.

Third, my coaching is comprehensive.

Combining street-smarts, significant training in human dynamics and systems (including organizational systems) with profound insight and understanding of human behavior.

In Summation: Life Elevation Coaching puts your deeper inner knowing, wisdom and intuition, and your core gifts and strengths, in authority over your life and relationships. Almost inevitably from the process, as you experience your next level of achievement, you develop an even more positive sense of self inside your personal vision of a meaningful, more alive life and set of relationships.

The grander vision that so becomes you!

To begin your journey into the next level, you can:

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Private sessions, whether of you alone or as a couple,take the Life Elevation, Leadership and Relationship skills taught in the classes to a far more personal and detailed level. In whichever area of your life you most want to uplift your experience, I can help move you along quickly and dramatically.

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