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There are two important elements to business and organizational coaching.

The first element applies to you if you are already a decision maker or if you have operational authority in some division. If so, it’s highly beneficial for you to optimize your strategic thinking capacities and your relational and leadership skills, so that you are performing at peak and not reacting emotionally or creating dramas and missed opportunities.

Could the business, organization or unit you lead be mal-targeted or innovation deficient in a way that you have not spotted yet because you need to refresh your own perceptions and elevate your capacities for creative and multi-dimensional thinking, as well as those of your colleagues?

The second element is: what are the unmet needs and training of your staff that are blocking cohesive and productive performance? Needed might be a structure that supports innovation and which arms staff with the means of optimizing meaningful conversation and opportunities so that both current needs are met and the uncertainties of the future are engaged.

If you believe that either of these elements could be improved, then Elevation Coaching for you personally or for your business and staff – or key individuals on staff –  has the potential to be invaluable. 

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  • Basic Private Coaching Rate: $150 per hour
  • Discounted Rate: Sliding scale within your budget and as my schedule permits
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self eye

“As CEO of a $9 million company, I have found the CEO peer group sessions conducted by Jay Levin to be invaluable. Each CEO leaves with greater corporate knowledge and a deeper understanding of their own individual challenges and the solutions to them. Jay relies on his years of business experience and personal patience to guide our group into mutual support and business and personal growth. Combined with his personal coaching, we have gained the skills and insights necessary to approach difficult issues with an impartial focus on end results. As long as Jay conducts these peer group sessions, I intend to participate and I encourage anyone in a corporate leadership role to take advantage of the fluid, interactive, educational dialogue.” - Susan Mahlmann, CEO, Mahlmann Media, Inc.


“Jay’s talent is truly rare. He blends deep execution experience with humanity, sparkling intelligence and intuition in a way that produces clear, focused insight. If you’re a C-level executive looking to up your game and improve your life, I couldn’t recommend him and/or the peer group more highly.” – Jared Krause, CEO, TradeYa.com


“Jay has been my executive coach for several years now and I really value his experience, advice and wisdom. Jay has helped me as a business/personal coach, and has helped Crowdfunder as well. I consider him somewhat of an Interpersonal Business Jedi :) .” - Rafe Furst, CIO, Crowdfunder.com


“I always greatly enjoy our CEO peer meetings. Having a group of highly supportive and knowledgeable leaders to brainstorm through problems with has offered me an invaluable perspective on many occasions. Our gatherings always expose me to new ideas and keep me accountable for my progress. Jay’s separate coaching has been one of the most eye-opening experiences for me as a business leader and entrepreneur. His calm perspective and ability to ask the right questions have challenged me to be a better executive and person. I really appreciate his holistic approach to problem solving and goal setting, ultimately resulting in greater fulfillment for me.” – Lora Ivanova, CEO, Scare LA and CMO of GenieEffect.com


Working with Jay has been amazing. I have been part of one of his peer groups and also worked with him one-on-one. I don’t know of anyone with such sharp, hard-nosed business acumen who also admits and works with the personal — you know, the fuzzy touchy-feely stuff, the internal psychic underpinnings of why and how we work and achieve. Jay teaches how to combine capitalism with conscience to help ambitious business leaders succeed on many levels. He  understands the power of vision, the deep internal rumblings within the soul, to transform the world, all while creating business value. His life is an example of how staying true to yourself and your highest values is the very definition of success, and can be had without sacrificing profitability in the more conventional sense. Jay has found deep maturity and wisdom and aspires to bring this achievement to everyone he meets, patiently and respectfully giving the leaders he works with opportunities to grow and succeed. You won’t find a better teacher if you are aspiring to conscientious business power.” - Steven Scholine, CEO, Vain Media


“I am inspired, and in awe of the brain power / patience/ truth of the group. The input and support I receive is invaluable and appreciated. Thank you for another fantastically inspirational and informative meeting. I am grateful to be in the group. – Paz Stark, CEO, Stark Studios.


“I’ve been enjoying Jay’s Masterminds for several months now. He’s an experienced and well-connected entrepreneur and coach with a great heart and a sincere passion for making a difference in the lives of everyone he works with. I’ve had a bunch of personal and professional “ah-ha” moments, identified some key blindspots, and have a renewed focus on how to take my business (and life) to the next level thanks to Jay.” - - Drew Kossoff, CEO, Rainmaker Ad Ventures, Inc.


“In a professional climate of constant change and sweeping evolution, the life of a CEO can feel bewildering, paralyzing and lonesome.  Jay Levin has built a shelter from this, a CEO family that reflects the virtues of its patriarch: support, empowerment and decisive action.” - Brian V. Julianel, Managing DirectorHellophonic


“Jay’s CEO group improves your relationship with yourself and your business through peer support, advice and insight.  Jay is talented at coaching and coordinating the group to maximize takeaways for everyone.  Being accountability to the group is also helpful to making real progress” - Peter Just, Founder & CEO. JustGeneration


“I was a member of Jay Levin’s CEO Peer Group for a year. I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the group and the intellectually challenging topics each month.The format for interacting and problem solving has been very beneficial to me and my company. Also, Jay was my exclusive executive coach for almost a year. He is creative, insightful, and pragmatic. His personal assistance has helped me see my business more clearly and how to strategically plan for the future.” Michael Donnell, CEO, Solar Electric Scooters, Inc.


Leadership Elevation Coaching: Why It’s Your Starting Point For Becoming a Non-Ordinary Leader


If you feel either the need or the desire to expand your influence or your direct leadership or management skills to role model levels, I offer Conscious Leadership Coaching on both beginner and advanced levels.

This specialized leadership coaching draws from my many years of real world business and community leadership accomplishments during which I founded and piloted the largest urban weekly newspaper in the country and also founded three non-profit organizations. This training is based also on my own studies in leadership and management tools, and on my success in coaching clients already in leadership roles or just about to move into them. (See sample curricula below.)

The advanced coaching is for women and men in positions of responsibility who are looking to reconnect with their creativity, have more fun, feel more inspired, or who feel stale or overwhelmed and want to step up to the exciting potential of taking greater responsibility for – and command of – the bigger picture going well in a manner that makes life easier, not harder.

A beginner version of the training also applies to you if you aspire to become a leader in business or otherwise. I teach you the expertise and skills you need for success either as a leader in your field, as a conscious entrepreneur or manager, or as the head of team or organization. (See the Curricula template below.)

I work with you in a context of you becoming something beyond an ordinary leader who then operates from a strategy called Conscious Servant Leadership. In this regard you learn to align yourself with a leadership role or career in which you are an elevating and transforming person to those around you.

Pragmatically, for those of you with less experience, you learn how to create something from the start. You also learn how to inspire and reorganize a situation or organization that requires change others can buy into.

My coaching includes examining the qualities of real world evolutionary leaders and then guiding you through a training that awakens you to your own power to be a force in the world.

As pragmatic as it is elevating, my coaching covers major elements of leadership. It also provides smart real world expertise alongside relevant training in the inner strengths and self-management tools you specifically need in order to elevate your leadership role. This includes enhancing your relationship and people skills.

We also recalibrate any internal issues of self-doubt, frustration, misalignment of purpose, fear of public speaking and other blocks to success. I coach you in how to overcome these limitations, inhibitions and other internal barriers to leadership.

If you are not already experienced in leadership, you will learn a range of sophisticated matters, including career, managerial and entrepreneurial systems and practices that actually work.

You also learn the nature and methods of dynamic organization systems. All this we consistently apply to your life and to what is happening in your own organizations, entrepreneurship or business

To sign up for a free consultation or a session in-person or by phone or Skype, emailPrivate@jaylevin.com or call 310-618-7761.


  • ·Basic Rate: $150 per session
  • ·Discounted Rate: Sliding scale within your budget and as my schedule permits
  • ·Prepaid Leadership Discount Coaching Package: 10 hours a month for two months – $2,490 (you save $510) Click here to view


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 Beginner Conscious Leadership Training



(This is a sample of one element of the training materials – a class curricula whose teachings are  available for you in private sessions or when I conduct courses in Los Angeles.)

The Starting Point of Conscious Leadership

- Your Relationship to Yourself

- Alignment with an Authentic Vision

- Personable Responsibility for Yourself and Your Vision

- Personal Mastery of Internal Blocks, Programs, Emotions and Relating skills

The Core Leadership Commitment

My commitment is to the highest light in you and the world. I will unconditionally support you and us to rise to the highest level you and we are ready for as we create a culture in which we are interested in each other’s potential

Five Learning Disciples for Leading a Team, Organization or Movement

A discipline is a body of techniques, based on some underlying theory or understanding of the world that must be studied and mastered to put into practice

- Personal mastery – expanding your capacities and creating an organization that encourages others to do the same.

- Mental Models – reflecting on, continually clarifying and improving our internal pictures of the world and seeing how they shape our actions and decisions.

- Shared Vision – building a sense of commitment in a group. We recognize interdependence by developing shared images of the future we seek to create and the principles and guiding practices by which we hope to get there.

- Team Learning – transforming conversational and collective thinking and skills so that groups of people can reliably develop intelligence and ability greater than the sum of individual members’ talents.

- Systems Thinking – a way of thinking about, and language for describing and understanding, the forces and interrelationships that shape the behavior of systems. This discipline helps us grasp how to change systems more effectively and to act more in tune with the larger processes of the natural and economic world.

Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

Bottom: industriousness, friendship, loyalty cooperation, enthusiasm

- Self-control, alertness, initiative, intensiveness

- Condition, skill, team spirit

- Poise, confidence

- Competitive greatness

Top: Success: Peace of mind from self-satisfaction that you did the best you are capable of

Four Abilities Needed to Succeed in the Every Changing World – from William Obrine, – former CEO of Hanover Insurance

- Distributing power allied to self-discipline of those receiving the power

- Systems thinking and inter-relationships along with standard reductionist skills

- Improved conversation that isn’t polite and which transforms defenses

- Voluntary follow-ship rather than control over

Going Deep Into Your Relationship to Yourself – A Self Analysis

The Goal: To lose all “I am not enough” and “the world is a struggle” and align with a life vision authentic to your design and nature.

What is?

- Your present self-image

- Your present self-critiques and sets of your limitations

- Your present thinking on how the world is creating barriers

- Your present vision of your life

- What you are waiting for to change

- What your patterns are for dealing

- What is your present emotional state

- Name your game: Escape? Grandeur? Playing small? All or nothing? Can’t do what I don’t know? Gotta take of others? Something about my values? Praying and waiting? Law of Attraction? Affirmations, Etc?

What are Your Conscious Blocks (check these that apply or name others not listed)?

- I am not enough

- I tend to find escapes rather than move up

- I am embroiled in relationship or family issues

- I want to do very big things but don’t know how to start

- If I can’t do it right, I don’t want to try

- I don’t have the resources

- I want to live by different values but I find it hard to do because of all the compromises

- I want to be great BUT

- I have the following fears….

- I am already whole I am already complete.

What is Your Orientation?

- Reactive – the world is happening to me

- Creative –what do I want to create?

- Interdependent – What do we create and my helpful or guiding role in it

What Are Your Unconscious Blocks? – an exercise

Discovering an Authentic Life Vision and Then Getting Congruent With It

“Your deepest purpose is only to discover who you really are and to live it, express it, share it and give it away in a way that elevates you and everyone else. Your purpose is not to get anything specifically or do anything specifically. Those are only after products.”

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you don’t bring it forth, what is not brought forth will destroy you.”

“Stop trying to solve your problems, stop struggling and get in alignment with who you really are.”

Alignment Exercises

- Identify others you admire and their qualities and then name what breaks your heart or angers you

- List your talents and gifts

- List your healthy intentions

- Provide a vision about your work or life, where , what kind of people?

- Anchoring in the vision

- Creating a personal mission statement

Personal Responsibility for Yourself and Your Vision

What aspect of your personal vision are you willing to commit to?

- What do I want?

- What am I doing right now that is preventing me from getting there?

- What could I do differently?

Personal Mastery

- The competency of stillness

- The competency of correct action and movement

- The competency of transparent communication as the foundation of relationship

- The competency of owning and releasing contractions

For more information or  to sign up for a free consultation or a session in-person or by phone or Skype, email Private@jaylevin.com or call 310-628-7761