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What really happens in Coaching?

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It completely depends on what you are seeking and where you are in relationship to that goal and in your life. Elevation Coaching is based on a principle that applies to individuals, couples, business leaders or anyone with career issues – which is that everyone has a next step in her or his growth. The same applies to companies and organizations.

It doesn’t matter whether your personal issue is coming out of emotional pain, feeling lost in life and seeking direction, fixing your relationship, upping your money earning game, or taking your success to another level. There’s always room for growth and there are always challenges in aligning your life with your highest healthy vision of it and of your place in the world, no matter how high-performing you might already be.

What I bring to bear for you is a customized-to-your needs combination of wisdom thinking that really works, and the exact right-for-you tools and trainings to deal with your inner challenges and those in the world as you experience it.

I also bring my own extensive experience in the real world as a former leader in journalism and the media business, as a community activist, and as a coach for 19 years who has been immersed in the human development and alternative health movements for 35 years.

And as a person who has helped transform the lives, relationships or careers of hundreds of people, ranging from individuals at the nadir of their lives to very successful CEOs and business owners.

What are your fees?

My coaching baseline is $150 for a session. However, there are variables. You can contact me at private to set up a free consultation dealing with questions about my practice and/or my fees.


What’s the difference between Elevation Coaching and Elevation Consulting?

Coaching is for individuals, including business owners and CEOs. Consulting is targeted toward under-performing or growth-oriented businesses and has many facets. My business strategy skills and operational experience are deployed in these cases. My coaching and consulting tend to overlap with the CEOs I help.

How is it that you provide such diversified coaching? You don’t seem to specialize in any one area?

Good question. I provide it because I find I am highly effective for people and because the principles I work with and the tools I use are applicable in a wide range of life experiences. For example, I have successfully helped many couples heal their relationship using human relating techniques and a mindset that also applies to business owners and their partners, managers and employees. As noted, my specialty and skill set is elevating people from their starting point no matter the situation, which is why you can read so many diverse client testimonials here.

What is the coaching experience going to be like?        

We will either work in person, by Skype or phone. Expect to spend an hour a half per session if you are seeking coaching. If you are a business or organizational leader, the time will vary according to you needs.

We start by defining your goals and desires and by identifying both the internal (mental and/or emotional) challenges and the external challenges around these. If you are unclear about your goals, we develop a vision of a grounded and satisfying life for you using a variety of tools that identify your natural gifts, skills and optimal way of relating to the larger society.

We then take on your challenges head on, and I train you in skills appropriate-to-your goals that you now lack and in a methodology for moving forward that works wonders.

The words my clients most often use about my personal style is: wise, deeply caring, great listener, patient, kind, highly intuitive (I am in fact reasonably psychic), worldly and extremely knowledgeable, able to cut to the chase, and seemingly limitless in the tools and trainings I customize to your needs.  Three other words I often hear are “cool,” “safe,” and “effective.”

What else can you say about your general business and media consulting?

There are two major aspects to it. One, I work directly with CEOs and business owners who operate a wide array of businesses on their management performances, strategic and marketing plans and specific operational challenges. In this I often connect senior managers to assistance by tapping into my large network of skill bearers.

I also facilitate CEO peer advisory groups that meet once a month for a dozen CEOS. Occasionally, I work with employees of the company and management on elevating operational and personnel matters.

How do you fit all this into your schedule?

My family is grown and I love my work so devote many hours to it. I also have learned the personal value of balance – which for me is that coaching keeps me in my heart and consulting or running a nonprofit excites my creativity.



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