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Jay Levin

About Those Infinite and Remarkable Possibilities… 


All coaching is about taking you to the next satisfying, healed and accomplished level that you have not yet experienced, no matter your starting point or what is challenging you now.

My work – my gift – is to guide you into the inner firmament you need to explore the adventures and potentials of your life in their exciting and happy-making fullness – and be able to do so continually, without my further help.

It doesn’t matter whether you seek to alter a troubled relationship, the pain of a breakup, a career and direction issue, a family issue, an historic upset and emotional pain, a leadership issue, or want to grow your game in the world or your business. Or if, like other clients, you are successful and want to expand your personal horizons. Or other matters.

There are  three main personal development successes you’ll experience:  

1 – You will enjoy gaining the emotional, relational, and life skills you need to deal with virtually every facet of your inner and outer life.

The reason you are seeking a coach in the first place is either wanting to expand your life possibilities or you think there is something “wrong with you” as your inner critic would have it. Either way, as we work together, you gain the skills, excitement and perspective you need, including to get out of pain (including from the inner critic) and create the life experience you desire.

2 – You will be guided to the clearest and most solid picture you will likely ever have of your true nature and path in life. In this I am aided by a particularly unique psychic ability.

3 – Your understanding of human behavior – and of life itself – will be dramatically elevated. You automatically become savvier about why other people and yourself behave as they and you do and what is really going on in any given situation. This leads to real effectiveness in the various aspects of your life.


Elevation Audios

Life Mastery

Free Life Elevation and Mastery Audios – Great Guidance to Help You Be A Happy and Healthy Influence in an Emotionally Healthier World

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Relationship & Marriage Coaching

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Stress Relief

Free Basic Stress Relief Audios. Contact Me for Depth Coaching on Empowering The Stress-Minimized Life You Are Designed For

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New Tools for You

“Jay Levin is an utterly original and gifted coach and teacher with deep presence, wisdom and heart. He has created unique trainings and a personalized coaching method that offer true life elevation. With both ferocity and deep tenderness, he’ll guide you to expand into greater levels of maturity and wisdom, and help you find your way to an even more purposeful and thriving life and career, as well as offer you the skills and tools you’ll need to manifest meaningful and loving relationships. I recommend his work highly.”

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Best-selling author of “Calling in the One” and co-creator and co-leader of the “Feminine Power” transformation courses


“Jay Levin has provided me with the tools to deepen and transform my relationship with my partner. His relationship coaching has opened our eyes to new ways of approaching problems and developing empathy for each other. I’m deeply grateful for the way Jay has been a mirror to us, and helped us become better mirrors to each other. He helped us grow as a couple and individually, and evolve in ways we never previously imagined possible. He is also deeply caring and a champion for each of us in a way that is very special and helps create a context for really making progress”  

Aimee Groth

“Jay was my executive coach for several years and I really value his experience, advice and wisdom. I consider him somewhat of an Interpersonal Business Jedi..”  

– Rafe Furst, former CIO, Crowdfunder.com

“I cannot recommend Jay Levin’s coaching highly enough. He is, without a doubt, the single most valuable ally I have on the path of self-inquiry and inner excavation, specifically when it comes to unearthing deeply rooted shadows, limiting beliefs, negative behavior patterns, etc. He is a mentor, a teacher, a model and a guide. I count Jay’s seemingly infinite arsenal of tools and techniques, combined with his unparalleled patience, his kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit, attention, energy and time, and overall gentle, loving, supportive nature as a great, bright blessing in my life.”  

– Dani Katz

“Jay changed our paradigms and our relationship. Jay is incredibly astute, intuitive and empathetic. He does an amazing job. We cannot recommend his coaching highly enough.”  

– Sherry and Gary Burdoff

“Working with Jay was amazing.  I don’t know of anyone with such sharp, hard-nosed business acumen who also admits and works with the personal — you know, the fuzzy touchy-feely stuff, the internal psychic underpinnings of why and how we work and achieve” 

– Steven Scholine, CEO, Vain Media

“Jay’s talent is truly rare. He blends deep execution experience with humanity, sparkling intelligence and intuition in a way that produces clear, focused insight. If you’re a C-level executive looking to up your game and improve your life, I couldn’t recommend him more highly.” 

– Jared Krause, former CEO, TradeYa.com

“Jay is fantastic! I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a breakthrough in their own life. I learned tons of valuable information from Jay and received tools and insights I previously did not have. Jay’s down to earth technique, humor and charm made this coaching and training something I looked forward to!” 

– Laura Vorreyer

“Jay came along at just the right time. I was going through a lot of change and feeling overwhelmed by life on a daily basis. With each meeting my anxiety and harsh self- judgments began to melt away, and in their place emerged a more authentic, confident and compassionate human being. Thank you, Jay, for doing what you do.”  

– Zoe Nissman

“The opportunity to work with Jay is a blessing, one of the great openings in my life. Take it.”  

– Adam Wolf

“Love Jay. He is an amazing and effective coach!!!”  

– Xochitl Guzman

“Jay Levin’s personal coaching has given me the tools I need to make a major transformation in my life. Like many others I’m sure, I have been on a path of self-actualization for a long time now. That said, Jay has taken in the broad spectrum of alternative approaches over the years and distilled it. Building off a holistic approach and philosophy, he drills down into each of the techniques he has found most effective. Applying the techniques learned from Jay feels like playing connect the dots back to my true self.”  

– Seth Freeman

“We have all read so many self help books and have assembled a collection of puzzle pieces. Jay Levin is the puzzle master who helps you assemble all your pieces when the outer edges are not obvious.”  

Michael Lourdeaux