Life Elevation Class 5:



This class provides a rich education in relationship patterns and a solid basis by which you can create a healthy direction for your relationship Contrary to romantic media and fairy tales, great relationships don’t just happen. We are all too complex for that. Meanwhile, modern life places a huge weight on creating relationships that enrich us – and yet most of us rely on primitive relating skills of the kind that made relationships throughout history so unsatisfying, if not miserable. This class begins the process of teaching the mindset and the real-world relating skills needed to transform relationships into remarkable experiences.

The class provides a rich education in the outer behavior and internal workings, psychological and emotional, of both men and women in relationships -or in search for them. It best serves people, whether single or in a relationship, who are looking for new direction in their lives, feel a need to change, or want perspective on their relationships. The class can dramatically elevate your relationship and self understanding, expand your emotional education level, and open new vistas to human interacting skills -stuff the society and families just don’t generally provide. With Relationships 2, it offers specific tools for mastering relationships.

Benefits include the potential of gaining mastery over “disconnection-creating” behaviors such as being controlling, emotional outbursts, overprotecting your partner, flipping to victim, manipulating, poor boundaries- or other fight, flight or approval-seeking behaviors. You learn new behaviors that instead lay trusting groundwork and create safety zones of love and intimacy. You also learn foundational skills that help each partner get past his or her disconnection patterns, that encourage expression of feelings and needs, that create shared decision making, and that allow you to resolve conflicts.