Career & Direction

Over the years I have helped a great many people either find their calling in life or, having found it, develop the mindset and skills to make great progress in their careers. If you are floundering and unclear about your career and life direction or purpose, I bring to bear a number of innovative techniques that guide you to a vision of your life and work that brings you joy and a sense of certainty. Then I guide you to the means to achieve that vision.

Alternatively, If you know your direction but need guidance through inner and outer realities and challenges, you gain them in our sessions.

To be clear, your inner life consists of how you relate to your own thoughts, emotions, self-images, needs, desires, impulses, creativity and upsets. Coaching provides the means to recreate your inner life in order  to produce career and success results that are dramatically more pleasing to you. You acquire advanced emotional and mental management skills, basic relationship and communication tools, expanded self-assurance and vision, and an infinitely more pain-free grasp on your life and true nature.

If however your issue is navigating the real outer world of careers and personal advancement, you will gain both practical approaches and skills in overcoming challenges. I move you along your success path whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur, an executive, a business owner or a self-employed contractor. I also help with my many contacts and potential mentors in your field. Moreover, I’m experienced in organizational realities (I have helped more than 40 CEOs and  Executive Directors advance their enterprises, and have led my own for-profit and nonprofit enterprises). If financial success is your goal, you learn pragmatic, real-world skills and measures.

I also offer these subsets of career and direction:

Conscious Leadership and Management Training: For you if you feel the need or desire to expand your influence, strategic thinking capacities, role modeling and direct leadership, relational or management skills. This advanced coaching is for you if you are in a position of responsibility and want to improve your leadership and talent development skills and how to create a healthy work environment. I also provide Beginner Coaching if you aspire to become a leader or manager in business or in your field.

Inspiration Creativity. For you if you are looking to reconnect with your creativity, have more fun, feel more inspired, let go of feeling stale or overwhelmed, and want to step up and be in command of the bigger picture going well.

Business and Organization Elevation: I lead a senior executive group that meets every three weeks and we collectively focus on the specific needs and  context of each participant’s organization. We help you and your enterprise perform at peak. Separately, I coach each person in the group on most every element of organizational or business success, including guidance if needed on leadership skills so that you are not reacting emotionally or creating dramas and missed opportunities.

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