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Whatever might be your current situation, from highly successful to seriously challenged, consider me as someone who can potentially be of great help to you. As a life coach, my skill is to be able to guide you from an internal or external situation you want to improve to a superior – and at times amazing – place in your life, career or relationship, and I do so on a fast track.
As we work on your coaching goal, I illuminate for you the higher potential and value of your life and  assist you to ground in a wonderful and expansive way of understanding yourself and the world. If need be, I help you delete painful emotional conditions or mindsets. I teach you skills and tools to address your situation that can have a “rock the world” positive effect throughout your life, elevating your presence and success. And I am a warm, heart-based, highly intuitive human being.





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To sign up for a free consultation, or for a full session in-person or by phone or Skype, email

Basic Rate: $150 per hour (some sessions will be more than an hour)

  • Discounted Rate: Sliding scale within your budget and as my schedule permits
  • Prepaid Leadership Discount Coaching Package: 10 hours a month for two months – $2,490 (you save $510)