Elevate Your Business or Organization

Businesses seek me out as as a consultant, a leadership trainer, or sometimes as a board member. 

They work with me because I bring to bear a wealth of experience, a multitude of creative solutions, people skills, a large talent network, and just plain savvy wedded to an ability to see the bigger picture, the opportunities available, and the means to achieve them. Currently I assist 10 CEOs and business owners.

A closer look:

  • My skills include both innovative and traditional revenue generation, and exemplary and exciting marketing content development.

  • I assist leaders to become first-rate people-oriented managers and talent recruiters.

  • As a consultant to any kind of business or organization, I bring significant operational knowledge of business, Internet, marketing and organizational practices.

  • I am a highly creative problem-solver and teacher of problem-solving and decision-making methods. I’m also skilled at inducing innovative states of mind in others.

  • I’m highly knowledgeable  about the interface of business with media, culture, religion, psychology, human development, and with political and social issues.

  • My executive coaching skills can overlap with organizational consulting. If you are already a decision maker or if you have operational authority in some division, it’s highly beneficial for you to optimize your strategic thinking capacities and your relational and leadership skills, so that you are performing at peak and not reacting emotionally or creating dramas and missed opportunities.

  • I facilitate a group of business and organization leaders and we collectively touch on most every organizational reality you can name, including meeting the needs and unfilled training opportunities of your staff that might be blocking cohesive and productive performance. That and much else comes into our forward-looking solutions and proposals.  

To discuss by phone or Skype, email or call 310-628-7761 

  • Basic Private Coaching Rate: $150 per hour

  • Discounted Rate: Sliding scale within your budget and as my schedule permits

  • Prepaid Leadership Discount Coaching Package: 10 hours a month for two months – $2,490 (you save $510)

  • Participation in Collective Problem-Solving Group – Sliding scale